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How Millennials Are Really Shaping Office Culture


How Millennials Are Really Shaping Office Culture

How Millennials Are Really Shaping Office Culture

Millennials are the fastest growing population of the workforce, and their unique worldview really impacts office culture. Many of these changes are positive, so why do they get a bad rep?


There’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding millennials. In fact, people tend to form extremely strong opinions about this group, more so than any other employee category. Labels like “lazy” and “entitled” cloud many of the positive attributes.

Millennials are diverse, and that’s perhaps the root of the problem. With such a wide range of personality, talent, and life experience, we cannot classify all millennials as “this” or “that.”


I’ll offer up an alternative label to the often used “entitled” – driven. Millennials know what they are looking for in a job, don’t settle, and will move on when they find something better. Maybe this pattern of behavior appears flaky (job hopping) or entitled (looking for perks), but really it’s just an extension of good life advice. They leave jobs just as one would leave a bad relationship. Does anyone want to spend 20+ years at a job they hate?

This sense of moving forward and fearless nature encourages companies to step up their game when it comes to how they treat their employees. Years ago, people held onto jobs with a vice grip, regardless of change – good or bad. Pay cuts? Longer hours? It didn’t matter. Today’s workforce is highly mobile and seeking better opportunity, pay, and benefits. If you attract top talent – you better work to keep it. Millennials are driving changes like flexible hours, remote working, and even wellness programs. Aren’t these things we all want?


It may seem counter-intuitive, but flexible hours and work from home options actually have a positive effect on employee engagement. Research shows that working remotely 3-4 days a week boosts engagement. Those people you see working at coffee shops or smoothie bars? They are dedicated employees with strong attachments to their company. More flexibility actually yields a more committed office culture – one that keeps their employees for years to come.



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