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Office Tech Helps You Make The Most of Your Ergonomic Workstation


Office Tech Helps You Make The Most of Your Ergonomic Workstation

Office Tech Helps You Make The Most of Your Ergonomic Workstation

What is the purpose of having an adjustable workstation if you find yourself never changing positions throughout the day? If you’re guilty of not utilizing your ergonomic equipment to its fullest potential, there’s a new solution that can help. Humanscale’s OfficeIQ synchronizes with your adjustable workstation and keeps you on track throughout your day.


Customize Your Day

Research shows that sitting at a desk all day is bad for your health, but just purchasing a sit-to-stand desk won’t make a difference if you never change from one to the other.  The OfficeIQ is a small lightweight box that integrates your adjustable height solutions with powerful software. It’s fully customizable to help you maximize your workstation’s potential. Program alerts at regular intervals to remind you to sit or stand. Then, set goals to meet and receive feedback on your daily activity and estimated caloric burn.


In addition to reminding you to get up and change positions, the OfficeIQ can inspire some friendly competition. Because it comes equipped with and HDMI output, it’s easy to display company-wide standings. Choose teams and battle with your coworkers. It’s the perfect way to encourage healthy movement at the workplace while fostering a sense of fun and team building. Find out for yourself how OfficeIQ makes your workplace healthier and more productive!

ROSI can help you outfit your workplace with sit-to-stand solutions and utilize software like the OfficeIQ to meet your ergonomic and wellness goals. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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