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What Is An Active Sitting Office Chair?


What Is An Active Sitting Office Chair?

What Is An Active Sitting Office Chair?

The health benefits of having an active sitting office chair are well studied. These studies suggest that sitting for prolonged periods increases risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death, even among people who exercise regularly.

No wonder sitting is called ‘the new smoking’.

So what’s the average office worker to do? Some employers will pay for a standing office desk while others may opt for an active sitting office chair that allows you to wobble, bounce and otherwise engage your muscles as you sit.

One of the biggest benefits to an active sitting office chair is that most models allow you to sit up a little higher which not only activates the core muscles in your stomach but it also helps keep the natural curve of your spine in alignment. When you are sitting in a standard office chair, you tend to roll the pelvis under and slouch, which puts pressure on your spine and leads to back pain.

There are plenty of ergonomic seating choices available and the same active sitting solution doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Some of the most popular models that people choose are height-adjustable, so you can use it as a chair and as more of a standing aid to lean back on. Make sure you select something lightweight, since (at first) you’ll be swapping it for your regular office desk chair pretty regularly as you build up that core strength. Lastly, be sure it’s stable enough that you won’t go tumbling to the ground. Oh – and don’t forget to look for something with a comfortable, cushy seat!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Locus Leaning Seat

ROSI Office Systems

Your entire body can benefit from the Focal Upright / SafcoActive Locus Seat. You actually lean into it rather than stand, and it may seem odd at first, but it is truly comfortable. Most office chairs press into nerves in your legs causing loss of circulation to extremities. The Locus Seat is adjustable to most any height, promoting posture and excellent blood circulation.

Buoy Chair

ROSI Office Systems

Have you ever seen the ocean waves as it hits a buoy? As it bobs and spins with the motion of the ocean, you’d never guess that the physics of this harbor essential have been boxed up and brought into your workplace. The Buoy chair by Turnstone is a wobbly yet stable seat that is the ultimate office core workout experience. It was designed for everyone and has five and a half inches of height adjustability. Plus, a curved base encourages active sitting.

Mogo Portable Seat

ROSI Office Systems

A lot of active chairs fall short in one area: hip rotation. Although you’re working your core and maintaining a healthy balance, your hips aren’t using the motion they need to stay limber and avoid getting stiff. With the Mogo Portable Seat by Focal Upright / SafcoActive you’ll get the full range of motion you need to stretch key muscles while supporting proper posture.

Zynergy Ball Chair

ROSI Office Systems

The Zenergy ball chair by SafcoActive is an exercise ball, but with the added benefit of the chair being stationary so it won’t roll away when you’re trying to take a seat. Plus, it has an anti-burst design with a mesh net to hold it securely in place. It has four legs to give you extra balance while still working your core muscles, and it comes with an easy-to-use pump for inflation.

Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat

ROSI Office Systems

If you’ve ever ridden a bike or a horse, you may not think a saddle is the most comfortable thing but Humanscale’s revolutionary design uses the shape of a bike seat or saddle to improve your posture. The Humanscale Freedom Saddle seat forces your hips to open up more while lowering your thighs, thus increasing the space between your hips and helping your spine align properly. It’s also height adjustable with wheels for mobility.

If you’re ready to get a healthier office chair, ROSI Office Systems has tons of ergonomic and active sitting office chairs to choose from.  Stop by our showroom or contact one of our product specialists –  trained to match you and your employees with the perfect office chair for your needs. Feel free to browse our considerable selection, or contact us – today!






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