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Green Cubicles - Do You Have One?


Green Cubicles – Do You Have One?

Green Cubicles – Do You Have One?

Looking for a way to green up your office?  Buy remanufactured, refurbished cubicles!

When it comes to conservation, purchasing green furniture for your business is heading in the right direction.

What exactly are remanufactured, refurbished cubicles?

They are panels or panel systems used by businesses that have been “refurbished” or put through a process that will make them function and appear as brand new.  The difference between refurbished and used cubicles is that a used cubicle might be “touched up” before resale but a refurbished cubicle is actually manufactured again. Every aspect is gone over and placed under scrutiny and even made again – if necessary i.e. repainting and reupholstering versus touching up paint or repairing a rip in the fabric. Remanufactured, refurbished cubicles can be classified as essentially new again.

The reason why a lot of businesses choose to purchase refurbished cubicles and THE major benefit is price – of course.  The cost of producing them is lower because they are utilizing an existing set up rather than creating new panels from scratch and they require few materials. Even though they function and feel just like new cubicles, they can be sold at a lower price because they do not qualify as brand new.  We often sell top brand name cubicles at a fraction of their original price because they are refurbished; yet they still retain the high quality construction and aesthetics you would expect from a top brand.

One of the overlooked benefits of purchasing refurbished cubicles is how they positively affect our environment.  They can be reused rather than being thrown away.  Refurbished cubicles help keep enormous amounts of waste from reaching our already overloaded dumps.

ROSI, Inc. remanufactured workstations provide a “like-new” appearance and now incorporate glass stacking options and ergonomic work-tools into our office cubicle environments.  Our workstations are completely remanufactured with new fabric, new laminate work surfaces, and painted metal trim.  Workstation costs range from $795.00 – $2,000.00 per standard workstations.

Another benefit to purchasing ROSI, Inc. remanufactured products is that they carry a “limited lifetime” warranty mirroring the warranty offered by new cubicle manufacturers.

Standard size remanufactured cubicles orders are delivered in 2 – 4 weeks.

Our typical customers are startups and mid-size companies looking for high-quality low-cost office furniture workstations and cubicles.

If you’re looking to purchase cubicles for your new or growing business, ROSI, Inc offers a comprehensive selection of both new and remanufactured cubicles to make sure that you will get the system you need for your company to maximize productivity and minimize business costs.

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