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How 4 Small Office Changes = Big Employee Impact


How 4 Small Office Changes = Big Employee Impact

How 4 Small Office Changes = Big Employee Impact

When you’re thinking of making New Year’s changes to the office, the best time to make modifications is when your employees are out of the office on holiday. Take a look around. Even the best-designed office can get stale over time. That’s why it is important to update employees’ workspaces every so often. Interestingly, the newest way to improve employee performance and attitude might come from a few simple changes to your workspace. To increase employee engagement and productivity while also giving your workspace a facelift, take a look at how these 4 small office changes can make a big employee impact.

Provide Coffee

Most of us spend ridiculous hours at the office. Yet in most cases, employers have found ways to cut back on office expenses by ditching the free coffee. It’s time to bring it back. Offer your employees an abundance of coffee selections and even some healthy snacks. It’s a work perk that will pay off with huge dividends. Don’t forget the filtered water machine as well – it’s important to keep your employees hydrated, too. These little kitchen gestures tell employees that their time is valued and appreciated.

Better Natural Light

Fluorescents have long been the light bulb of choice in office décor but we’ve since learned how natural light better aids in worker productivity. By increasing the natural light available to workers, employers may find those workers sleep better and show up for work more rested, leading to increased productivity. For workers who are forced to remain in artificial light throughout the majority of the workday, taking frequent breaks outdoors could provide a natural rejuvenator that increases alertness.

Noise Reduction

In today’s collaborative environment, noise can be a real problem. In fact, it might be the biggest workplace drain in today’s worker environments. Studies have shown that office noise can lead to negative moods, inability to concentrate on a task, and even health issues after prolonged exposure. Business owners can help reduce noise-related stress by providing sound masking, which keeps the background elements of sound at a constant, almost ignorable level so that employees can concentrate on their work at hand and not spend time trying to get back on task after a disruption.

New Paint

A relatively easy, inexpensive and effective way to update your workspace is to add a fresh coat of paint. Painting can make a space feel cleaner, larger, and more welcoming. Lighter colors (but stay away from white) will allow light to reflect off surfaces and penetrate deeper into a space. Plan your colors to avoid increasing glare on workstations, but to maximize existing light.

No matter the length at which your office needs updating, before you begin and regardless of your budget, consider speaking with a space planning professional. Our ROSI Office Systems design specialists have experience with everything from selecting new office cubicles to planning out break areas or giving you sound masking advice. Best of all, a large part of our job is ensuring that you receive the best value for your money while still coming in under budget. If you would like a free consultation, contact us today

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