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Take A Deep Breath: Meditation Techniques for Workplace Wellness


Take A Deep Breath: Meditation Techniques for Workplace Wellness

Meditation Techniques for Workplace Wellness

Research shows that taking regular breaks during the workday is one of the best ways to actually stay on task and improve employee wellness. Stepping away from your desk for just a few minutes brings a number of benefits. Meditation can be a great addition to your day to help you de-stress and get back to the grind.

What Is Meditation?

By definition, meditation is simply time spent in quiet thought for the purpose of relaxation.

Note that this definition doesn’t dictate an exact method because meditation is very individual. There are no rules, per se. You don’t have to be still or have a quiet mind or sit a certain way. Simply make yourself aware of your thoughts and your breath in an intentional manner. It’s about being mindful, aware of your surroundings and observing them as they are.

How To Meditate At Work

Broaden your imagination a bit and let go of the idea of a room full of Zen people sitting quietly on the floor on yoga mats. Realistically, that’s probably not what workplace meditation looks like. There are other ways to find Zen.

  • Take a walk outside, focus on your breathing and how the ground feels underneath your feet.
  • Close the door of your office and sit comfortably with your eyes closed, practicing diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Play with a zen garden on your desk.
  • Listen to a guided meditation (there are plenty of apps out there).
  • Stretching

Meditation takes a bit of practice, but you have nothing to lose by trying it. It’s been proven to boost energy, improve focus, and reduce stress – all of which are valuable at work. Even if it’s just 5-10 minutes a day, you will notice an impact in these areas.

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