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The Next Ergonomic Product You Need


The Next Ergonomic Product You Need

The Next Ergonomic Product You Need

The importance of an ergonomic workstation cannot be underestimated. When you spend 40+ hours in a space, poorly chosen furniture can wreak havoc on your health, productivity, and mood. There are so many options for style and budget, which leaves no excuse for tolerating a bad design!

We’ve all heard of ergonomic chairs, desks, etc, but have you heard of the adjustable monitor arm? People are raving about this product from Humanscale – and with good reason!

What Is An Adjustable Monitor Arm?

Humanscale’s Adjustable Monitor Arms attach to your flat panel monitor and allow you to adjust height and angle of the screen as well as swivel or rotate it as needed. Flexible and strong, these monitor arms make any work station instantly more user friendly.

Why Do I Need One?

Because of the flexibility they offer, monitor arms are quickly becoming essential. Adjusting the monitor height to your personal needs reduces eye, shoulder, and neck strain. Depending on your existing desk and chair arrangement, you may not be able to place your monitor at the ideal distance from your eyes. An adjustable monitor arm allows you to do just that. The screen should be roughly an arm’s length away with the top level of text at eye level. Bonus: their sleek design helps you keep your desk clutter free. Simply push the monitor back to use valuable desk space for other tasks.

Humanscale’s monitor arms come in several different models to accommodate single or multiple screens. Because of their versatility in adjustment, they work for a wide range of users. Ergonomic monitor arms make the perfect choice for co-working spaces or flexible office designs. They are ideal anywhere multiple people use a single workstation.

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