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Productivity And The Art Of Saying No


Productivity And The Art Of Saying No

Productivity And The Art Of Saying No

Are you the type of person that always agrees to help or take on additional tasks? If so, you may also feel frustrated and overwhelmed at work. Over-committing deeply impacts your job satisfaction and productivity. Where do you draw the line?

Why We Say Yes

Human psychology explains why we say yes (even when we want to say no), and often times it’s out of fear. We fear losing our jobs or becoming unpopular at the office. We don’t want to be perceived as rude or unhelpful. It’s a basic human instinct to want to be socially accepted. Saying no goes against that instinct, especially if you’re a woman. Women are more likely to say yes because in studies they typically endure more consequences for saying no than their male counterparts. They got less positive performance reviews and were viewed as less likable.

How can you overcome these strong instincts and say no despite your fears?

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything. – Warren Buffet

Take Back Your Work-Life Balance

Saying no is essential to success, and it’s an art that requires practice. Think about it like the oxygen masks that pop down from the ceiling in an airplane. What do the flight attendants always say? Put your own mask on before assisting others. Before saying yes, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Do you actually have time in your schedule to help? Without compromising other tasks or neglecting your family and friends?

Sacrificing your own productivity to help with other projects will ultimately only hurt yourself, so strongly consider everything you have on your plate before agreeing to take on more. Put your foot down and remember that saying no is totally ok. People will respect your boundaries if you set them with confidence.

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