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Best Office Stretches To Maintain Health


Best Office Stretches To Maintain Health

Best Office Stretches To Maintain Health

Research has shown time and time again that we have to get up and move during the workday. Perform these stretches every hour to loosen up stiff muscles from working at a desk. Plus, the mental break with rejuvenate your focus and ability to get back to the task at hand.

Lateral Head Tilt

The neck can become very tight from staring at a screen all day – especially if you like to look down at your phone/tablet! Give it a rest with this easy stretch. Sitting in your chair with arms down by your side, tilt your head from upright to one side and back again. Do each side 10 times.

Thoracic Rotations

This stretch feels great for the upper back, which often takes a bit of a beating if your posture isn’t great. Bring both of your arms up to chest height like chicken wings, except with hands clasped in front. Twist to one side and back to center in fairly rapid succession, like pulses. D 10-15 on each side then switch to the other side.

Thoracic Extensions

Sitting in your desk chair, put your hands behind your head as if preparing to do crunches. Instead, arch your back then return to an upright position. Pulse back and forth 10-15 times.

Seated Side Extensions

Sitting upright in your chair towards the edge of the seat, drop one elbow down to the knee on the same side. Continue to rotate your torso and extend the opposite arm straight up into the air. This should feel like a full twist, all the way down to your low back. You can alternate or do 10 repetitions on the same side before switching.

Set a timer if you have to! Getting up and moving or stretching every hour is absolutely critical to your health. These stretches are a perfect way to break up your day and keep you feeling great!


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