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Physical Workplace Satisfaction Affects Employee Retention


Physical Workplace Satisfaction Affects Employee Retention

Physical Workplace Satisfaction Affects Employee Retention

Last week we discussed how improving employee happiness can help your company’s bottom line in terms of employee productivity.  Now let’s look at ways employee satisfaction with their physical workplace can help reduce employee turnover.

The Journal of Facilities Management has reported that employees that are satisfied with their physical workplaces were 31 percent more likely to stay with their current employer.

Knoll, an office furniture manufacturer, conducted a study to determine what physical workplace factors affect employee satisfaction.  These are the factors most often cited, along with recommendations on how you might facilitate each.

Adequate storage space near the desk

Most any space can be retrofitted with under-desk and overhead storage cabinets.  If space allows, adding a free-standing file cabinet or credenza provides storage while adding additional work counter space.

Control over the temperature

It is likely not practical to give a thermostat to each employee.  And, allowing any employee to have access to the thermostat may put undue demands on the HVAC system while potentially causing conflict between the hot- and cold-blooded employees.  But, having a policy that allows the use of approved personal heating or cooling devises may be the easiest solution.

Physical comfort

Ergonomic office chairs, adjustable keyboard trays and monitor arms can be a big help in ensuring your employees’ comfort and workplace satisfaction.   Here are a few blog posts that offer more insight on ergonomics:

A visually appealing workplace with a professional atmosphere

A new coat of paint may be a start, but if your office furnishings are well past their prime, consider that the investment in new furniture and cubicle systems is also an investment in retaining your employees.

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