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The Best Office Chairs of 2021 for Your Kingwood Office

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There is a growing understanding of the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on physical health, yet we can’t avoid work requirements that keep us at our desks for long hours at a stretch. While you can, and should, get up and move around during the workday. It is imperative to make smart choices for office furniture Kingwood that provide you with the support you need.

Office Furniture Kingwood

Who Needs Ergonomic Office Furniture Kingwood?

A significant number of Americans are spending a vast majority of their day sitting. These long hours in a seated position are detrimental to physical wellbeing. Taking breaks to walk around at least once an hour is highly recommended, but that won’t necessarily improve the damage sitting in a bad chair can do. If you spend most of your day sitting, you need ergonomic office furniture, and the best place to start is with your office chair.

What Are Our Top 3 Office Chair Kingwood Picks?

There are several options for ergonomic chairs, but not all of them are created equal. The more flexibility you have in adjusting the chair to settings that match your body type and work with your physiology, the better. We chose three chairs that provide the highest degree of user control and offer support in all the right areas, including the back, the seat, and the armrests.

1. Run II High Back Black Frame Office Chair With Synchro Control

This chair gives you the most flexibility in ergonomic settings and is great for a range of body types. Nearly every component is adjustable. Of all the chairs we offer, this one is the most versatile. A nice feature of this office chair is that the backrest can be altered in numerous ways to give you the support you need throughout the day. For those who prefer a larger seat or mid-back options, the Run II has variations to suit.

2. Offices To Go 2803 Black Mesh Executive Chair

If you would rather focus on your work and not on how uncomfortable you are, this chair is a good choice. You get breathable fabrics in the back and the seat, along with the ability to control the seat back and lumbar support positions and seat and armrest heights. Whether you spend long hours in office cubicles Kingwood or at a desk at home, the executive chair from Offices To Go provides you with the support you need to get through the day in comfort.

3. Offices To Go 11686B Black Mesh Back Managers Chair

The manager’s chair from Offices To Go is a cool chair that supports all the right places. The seat cushion is made from breathable mesh fabric, and the seat height is fully adjustable. Maneuver the armrests to just the right height and lock the chair back into a comfortable position for you. This task chair is a popular choice for a good reason.

Office Furniture Kingwood

What Should You Avoid When Looking for Your Office Chair Kingwood?

Choosing office furniture Kingwood that works for you is a personal choice. Every individual’s body is unique, and what works perfectly for one will not necessarily work well for the next. However, everyone should avoid a couple of things when they are looking for an office chair that they will be spending a significant part of their day in.

  • No or minimal back support: Stools and other chairs that have only partial backrests are not good for those who spend most of their working days in a chair. Even if you are a person who has good posture, the lack of back support will inevitably cause you to slouch. These minimalist seating options can be great for short-term stints, but they are not recommended for sitting over long hours.
  • Protruding upper back structure: An office chair backrest should support the natural contours of your back. Chairs that protrude at the head or upper back force you into an unnatural posture, creating tension and leading to greater fatigue and muscle pain. Though the high level of back cushion in these types of chairs often looks appealing, don’t let it fool you into thinking you can spend hours in them comfortably.

Find Your Ergonomic Office Chair

ROSI Office Systems carries a selection of ergonomic office chairs that support your wellbeing while you spend long hours at a desk. If you have any questions about individual model features or want assistance in finding the perfect chair for you, feel free to give us a call at (713)766-5722. We’re glad to help!


Office Furniture Kingwood


The Best Office Chairs of 2021 for Your Kingwood Office | ROSI Office Systems Inc. – Houston, TX

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