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Trendy Workspaces Attract Talented Employees


Trendy Workspaces Attract Talented Employees

Trendy Workspaces Attract Talented Employees

Business owners know how hard it is to attract and retain talented employees. That’s why today’s trendy workspaces focuses on flexible environments that are arranged to boost morale, productivity and wellbeing. Many workspaces have become a near “art form” with focus on the people that occupy the space and the work that is performed in the space. It is this astute insight that makes inspiring workspaces highly productive. Space matters. Don’t overlook it as you seek to attract and retain superior talent.

On average, workers spend 1/3 of the day at the office but that doesn’t have to be a negative experience. A well-designed workplace can inspire employees instead of deflating them. Think holistically about how you attract and retain talent; consider investing in your office layout — beyond stocking free soda and coffee in the break room.

Take this UK media company for example. They updated their standard office design to attract and retain the best talent. The flow of the office now helps creativity, team development and collaboration.

Here is another example, take a look at Google’s NYC office.  This playful environment boosts innovation and creative thinking while increasing employee retention and overall satisfaction.   It’s a perfect environment for Google’s business model.

For many modern businesses, a homogenous, static workplace is a thing of the past. When you create a workplace that can continuously adapt to the individual needs of employees, you can turn your office into a valuable strategic asset, particularly during recruitment.  Just remember, to many employees, where they work is just as important as their salary and benefits. By offering an office environment that supports how employees want to work, you’ll have a greater chance at attracting new employees and keeping existing ones.

Fortunately, our ROSI Office Design Professionals have the expertise to help you create a workplace that fosters employee satisfaction, collaboration and productivity. Contact us today for more ideas and assistance in creating a better work environment for your employees.






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