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14 Reasons Why Your New Years Resolution Should Include An Office Redesign


14 Reasons Why Your New Years Resolution Should Include An Office Redesign

14 Reasons Why Your New Years Resolution Should Include An Office Redesign

Good office design doesn’t just create a first impression for visitors; it can also affect employee morale and productivity.  So, how do you determine what makes a good office design? The answer to that question depends on the type of industry and type of work completed. For instance, an engineering firm will have different needs from a manufacturing plant.

So this year, resolve to make the office a better working environment for your employees.

Here are 14 reasons why an office redesign will help your business succeed in 2017.

Stay Current To Office Design Trends

Stay current with the latest office design trends. Doing so sets a tone for employees and clients.  It shows them that you are aware of everything that is modern and helpful.  This reflects on the business itself.  It says you are revolutionary and aware of how to stay ahead in the industry.

Attract and Keep Talent

As Generation Z enters the workplace, they will be looking for an office space that has a blended approach to design.  This generation appreciates having areas to do focus work as well as areas to socialize with others.  Companies that are aware of this will be able to capture (and retain) the best talent and use workplace culture as a vital selling tool.

Keep Employees Moving

It’s easy to be stuck in the daily rut of entering the office and stay seated in the same position for eight hours.  Invest in standing office desks and leaning stools. Change your office design to encourage employees to be more mobile.

Regulate Airflow and Temperature

Many times during an office redesign, airflow and temperature aren’t even considered.  This affects employee comfort so be sure to incorporate temperature control into your office upgrade.  Maintaining a comfortable office temperature will create a better environment to work in.

Enhance Natural Light

Employees work better in a well-lit area.  Your office redesign should make good use of natural light when possible.  Install glass walls to allow light to filter in.  If there are windowless rooms, be sure to invest in smart artificial light solutions that will illuminate the area well.

Boost Employee Morale

A good office design has the power to boost staff morale.  Even something as simple as dedicating a staff lounge or breakout area has a big impact.  Encourage staff to take breaks away from their office desks to clear their mind and recharge their creativity.

Maximize Productivity

Working in the same space, day in and day out can become a drain on productivity.  A new office redesign can give employees a much-needed change of scenery.  In effect, will make your employees happier in a more positive environment.

Update Brand Perception

When a client walks into an outdated office, it will reflect poorly on the business. Change the office and you’ll change the perception.

Reduce Operating Costs

Design an office with efficiency and you won’t need as much space.  Businesses are moving towards smaller offices but it doesn’t appear smaller. When the design incorporates a better use of space, it results in less floor space, cheaper rent and reduced operating costs.

The Latest Tech

Be sure to upgrade your office technology. Failure to do so will result in a less efficient office. Upgrading will improve your communication and workflow.

All About Ergonomics

People strive to be as healthy as possible but it’s easy to put health aside when you are too busy at work to make health a priority.  A good office should promote being healthy through an ergonomic design.  Make ergonomic-friendly workstations available to your employees.

Clean It Up

If nothing else, it’s time for a grand purge.  Clutter can make your employees counterproductive.  Clutter creates distractions, reducing productivity.  In a lot of cases, it’s the office design that is adding to the clutter. If spaces are too tight or there is inefficient office storage solutions, the office can appear to be poorly organized.  Adopting a minimalistic design that leverages a better use of space will help keep the office tidy.

Go For Green

A greener office can mean a better carbon footprint and a healthier place to work. It can be as simple as going paperless or investing in a certified sustainable office that will enhance your green credentials. It can help you save money and stay competitive.

Time To Grow

As your company grows, so should the planning for how your office design will grow with new employees.  When you have a flexible design, it’s easier to incorporate more talent with ease.

A good office design is beneficial to the success of your business. You can make a difference to your business by making a New Years resolution to create a more employee-friendly office design for 2017! And ROSI Office Systems can help.  From office design, office furniture in Houston, installation and delivery – we do it all.  Don’t let the ball drop before contacting us for a free consultation!

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