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Good Office Design Engages Your Employees


Good Office Design Engages Your Employees

Good Office Design Engages Your Employees

Good office design isn’t just pleasing to the eye. It is essential to keeping employees happy and productive. Employees who feel engaged in their workplace perform better and stick around longer. But, how exactly does office design impact employee engagement?


Connection is the root of human relationships, and it also plays a critical role at work. Whether it’s business or pleasure, people want to feel connected. Technology like email, group chats, and video conferencing have certainly helped, and it would be beneficial to ensure employees have easy access to tools like this. Make sure your remote employees feel included by using video or teleconference features. High performance microphones and web cameras are good investments as part of a communication-friendly office design. However, it’s not just about fancy technology. Keeping your employees in the loop about company news and future projects will help them feel more connected to the company and its mission.

Community Spaces

Don’t underestimate the power of face-to-face communication as well. Consider adding communal areas or tables to encourage group gatherings. Make sure you have enough flexible seating to allow for employees to move around the office. Some companies plan for up to 3 seats per person in various locations. This type of design will create more opportunities for collaboration. Break rooms can also be productive spaces. When people feel relaxed it’s easier to problem solve and brainstorm.

Team Building

Research shows that employees that have close relationships with at least one coworker are less likely to leave. Creating an inclusive environment will foster those connections. In addition to creating community spaces, plan events that bring everyone together. Holiday parties, celebrations of milestones, or birthdays are a great way to use your gathering areas and build friendships.

A new office design can make a big impact. If you’re thinking about making a change around the office, contact ROSI for a no obligation consultation and free space planning & design.

Office Furniture Budget Calculator

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