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Are You Hot Desking?

Are You Hot Desking? Once upon a time, your office desk was your home away from home. It served as a place to display your awards, favorite sports team paraphernalia and obligatory family photos. It became a nice little hiding place that gave you just the right amount of privacy to be productive without distraction. But this cozy space is Read More

Collaborative Office Furniture Houston TX

Collaborative Office Furniture for Houston, TX, Businesses Standard office furniture is often not suited to the workflow of dynamic businesses that require teamwork and creative problem solving. If your business in Houston, Texas, is built on frequent collaboration between coworkers and departments, it can boost your productivity to have furniture that’s suited to that purpose. At ROSI Office Systems Inc., Read More

Office Bench Desks Houston TX

What Are The Advantages of Using Office Bench Desks in Your Workplace in Houston, TX? Over the years, as the price of office space in Houston, Texas, has steadily increased, so has the importance of floorplan efficiency. Many businesses take advantage of cubicles, which are an excellent solution, allowing for high employee density without sacrificing privacy or comfort. However, there’s Read More

Collaborative Workstations Houston TX

Collaborative Workstations for Modern Offices in Houston, TX There are many benefits of purchasing collaborative workstations for your office in Houston, Texas, or a nearby city. These workstations help to create a more dynamic office culture by, as their name implies, encouraging collaboration among coworkers. Additionally, these workstations typically have low barriers, which creates an openness in the office that Read More

Benching Workstations The Woodlands TX

Modern Benching Workstations Available to Businesses in The Woodlands, TX ROSI Office Systems Inc. is a leading provider of benching workstations for businesses in The Woodlands, Texas, area looking for cost- and space-efficient workspace solutions for their employees. Our benching accommodates for the maximum number of employees per square foot without sacrificing comfort or productivity. What’s more, data cabling is Read More

Office Cubicles Office Benching – What’s The Difference?

Office Cubicles Or Benching – What’s The Difference? Cubicles – The first specified workspace on the scene back in the 1960’s, cubicles have been ostracized and hated ever since. Interestingly, the creator of the cubicle, Robert Propst, hated what his initial vision became. He wanted the office cubicle to be open at 120 degrees and looking a lot like the Read More

Benching Workstations Austin TX

The Advantages of Benching Workstations for Businesses in Austin, TX The benching workstations that ROSI Office Systems Inc. provides to businesses in Austin, Texas, offer numerous advantages over other workspace solutions, such as offices or cubicles. Benching can make an office more dynamic and collaborative, as the lack of barriers encourages communication among coworkers, which can lead to improved employee Read More

Benching Sugar Land TX

Versatile Benching Systems for Offices in Sugar Land, TX, and the Surrounding Areas There are numerous benefits to using benching from ROSI Office Systems Inc. as opposed to cubicles or another workstation solution in your office in Sugar Land, Texas. First among these benefits is cost-effectiveness. These continuous workstations allow for the maximum number of employees per square foot of Read More

Benching The Woodlands TX

Modern Benching Systems for Offices in The Woodlands, TX, and Surrounding Areas If you’re considering benching instead of standard cubicles for your office in The Woodlands, Texas, or a nearby area, you’re not alone. These systems have increased in popularity during recent years, and for good reason. Thanks to the low barriers and continuous configuration, this type of furniture makes Read More

Benching San Antonio TX

Versatile Benching Systems for Offices in San Antonio, TX, and Surrounding Cities Many businesses are opting for benching systems for their offices in San Antonio, Texas, instead of traditional office or cubicle setups. These workstations have low barriers and are continuous, which makes coworker communication easier and leads to a more energetic and dynamic workplace. Plus, these systems allow for Read More

Benching Austin TX

Efficient Benching Systems for Offices in Austin, TX, and Surrounding Cities There are many benefits to having benching systems from ROSI Office Systems Inc. installed in your office in Austin, Texas, or a nearby city. These systems are the most cost-effective solutions for open office spaces, allowing the maximum number of employees per square foot to work comfortably. However, saving Read More

2017 Office Furniture Trends: Collaborative Office Cubicles

2017 Office Furniture Trends: Collaborative Office Cubicles What does 2017 hold for the office cubicle? Will the trend towards open office design continue? Or will the collaborative office cubicle lead the way? The answer is somewhere in the middle. Balance is the key for office designers and business leaders. They must consider the size and scope of their office spaces and how Read More


Premium Benching Systems for Businesses in Houston, TX, and Surrounding Cities Benching furniture is becoming more and more popular in Houston, Texas offices, and for good reason. Having these workstation systems installed is an excellent way to make an office more energetic and dynamic. This is because these workspaces are continuous with low barriers, making communication among coworkers easier, thereby Read More

7 Reasons Why It’s Good Business For Employees To Work From Home

7 Reasons Why It’s Good Business For Employees To Work From Home Thanks to advancements in technology, working from home is a possibility for many workers. I’ve been able to enjoy working from home for nearly 5 years and I’ve found 7 solid reasons why it’s good businesses to allow employees work from home. Don’t get me wrong; there are Read More

Important Office Design Trends Of Today’s Workplace

Important Office Design Trends Of Today’s Workplace Is your office in desperate need of an office space update? The layout and design of your new office space should be the main focus of your redesign. With a little bit of time invested, a well thought out office environment will ensure a happy and productive workforce. Plus, making sure your office space design Read More

Survive The Open Office Workspace With These 5 Etiquette Tips

Survive The Open Office Workspace With These 5 Etiquette Tips Many businesses are tearing down their office cubicle walls and opting for a more open office workspace. The goal of an open office is to create an environment that is flexible and encourages conversations easily between colleagues to facilitate better communication, faster problem solving and decision-making. But, inevitably more conversation Read More

How Much Office Space Do You Really Need?

How Much Office Space Do You Really Need? Whether you are a start up business or an established company looking for more space, the big question you need to answer is, “How much office space do I really need”? It’s pretty easy to figure out. It really just comes down to simple math. The mathematical equation is this: You take the total Read More

4 Tips to Save Money on Office Furniture Expense

4 Tips to Save Money on Office Furniture Expense Office furniture is a big company investment. One must consider selecting pieces beyond aesthetics. The furniture may look nice, but if your employees go home with neck aches or aren’t productive in the space, your business won’t thrive. At the same time, saving money and cutting costs is often a bigger Read More

4 Ways to Shrink Your Office Space Expense

4 Ways to Shrink Your Office Space Expense A typical company’s office space expense is probably second only to payroll. It makes sense, right? You invest in strong talent and want to provide a work environment that is an inspiring place to be – but often times the “old school” office design layout is a vast wasteland of costly space. In Read More

Modern Corby Executive Typical With Peninsula Table, Credenza And Stack On Bookcase

The Modern Corby Executive Series is a fresh take on desking, blending the warmth and comfort of residential-style furniture with the features and long-lasting quality you’d expect from Global.   Corby is suited for any office environment, private office, boardrooms, open desking and collaborative areas. Its timeless design is expressed in subtle details – flared legs that elevate storage off Read More

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