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New Office Furniture? Ask Yourself these 5 Questions


New Office Furniture? Ask Yourself these 5 Questions

New Office Furniture? Ask Yourself these 5 Questions

You just received word that the promotion you received actually comes with your very own office. Better yet, the office is completely empty and you’ve been given free reign to choose your own furniture. There’s nothing quite like having your name on the plaque outside the door! If your corporation is sizable, then your facilities manager may be the one to outfit your new digs. If you are doing it yourself, make sure you plan your office space properly. Before you buy, ask yourself these 5 questions:

1.  What is the size of the room?

This is, obviously, the most important question. You may have seen a particular office suite complete with a u-shape desk, hutch, credenza, bookcases and file cabinets. However, if your office is only 6’x6’, you might have a hard time maneuvering around. Try making an old-fashioned hand sketch of the dimensions of the room (include windows, doors, closets and electrical outlets). It will give you a better idea on how much space you have to work with and can determine if you have space for that extra bookcase.

2.  What is your budget?

Having a firm budget amount in mind will help you determine if you can afford solid wood, veneer or laminate.  If you know you’ll need several pieces of furniture, put a top dollar limit for each piece.

3.  What is your style preference?

Do you favor a traditional look with heavily accented wood office furniture? Or do you prefer the sleek, no frills appearance of modern office furniture?  By knowing your style preference, you can design the office to align with your tastes and make it feel more your own. It will also make your search for furniture easier by allowing you to narrow down to that specific style.

4.  What are your storage needs?

This all depends on your job and how you like to work. If you like to keep files close at hand, a file pedestal that fits underneath your work surface might be the right solution. If you need storage just to store documents, consider a lateral file cabinet. On the other hand, if everything you need is on your computer, a simple drawer for office supplies underneath your desk would be sufficient.

5.  Will you be comfortable?

Make sure that your office furniture in Houston is ergonomic.  It is vital that it is comfortable as well as stylish and practical. We spend a lot of time sitting at our desks every day, and while it may not look like it, it can wreak havoc with our bodies. Make sure your furniture set up is a healthy, ergonomic workspace to keep you comfortable and injury-free.

If you’re still unsure about the right kind of furniture you need to purchase and how to lay them out in your space, contact us for more information and a FREE space planning session. We’ll help you find the perfect office furniture style.



Office Furniture Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator  

Are you looking for a cost estimate for a new office build out or are you just trying to get a price to add a few new workstations to your existing space, our new office furniture budget calculator can help!

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