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Demountable Walls in Houston

With the current uncertainty surrounding many businesses and their employees, companies are looking for ways to increase their flexibility. A great way to do this is by installing demountable walls for your business instead of drywall. We offer demountable walls Houston that can help you prepare for practically anything. When assembled, the walls are sturdy and strong and act just like stationary walls. But the difference between these walls and drywall is that demountable walls can be quickly and easily dismounted as needed.

How Demountable Walls Work

Demountable Walls As the name suggests, demountable walls can be deconstructed and moved as needed. As construction costs and employee turnover rates continue to rise, demountable walls become more desirable in many office settings. They make it easy to reconfigure spaces as needed, without incurring high costs. Demountable walls Houston aren’t taped like drywall. Instead, they are held together with a sturdy frame that prevents buckling and provides your office with a uniform, tidy appearance.

There are many materials demountable walls are made from, so you should carefully consider your preferences and needs when making a selection. The walls can be covered in writable surfaces, fabric, or vinyl. Each type of surface has its unique benefits. For example, writable surfaces turn office spaces into whiteboards or chalkboards. It’s easy to jot down quick notes, provide updates, and even draw presentations on writable walls. Fabric surfaces are lightweight and can absorb some sound, which makes them a good choice for many different industries. Vinyl walls are attractive, lightweight, and can give your office a modern appearance.

Benefits of Demountable Walls

There are many benefits associated with demountable walls. Besides their portability, which is a major advantage for businesses that require layout flexibility, they also offer the following benefits:

      • Reusability: Thanks to their unique construction, demountable walls Houston can be set up, taken down, and reused multiple times. You can’t say the same for drywall.
      • Tax advantages: Since movable walls Houston are demountable, the IRS considers them to be furniture. This means your walls can be depreciated in seven years, and you can take advantage of the tax deductions much sooner than you would with a traditional build-out. Drywall partitions can take as long as 39 years before they can be depreciated.
      • Affordability: Demountable walls are more affordable than drywall.
      • Faster Installation: Movable walls are specifically designed for quick and easy installation and teardown and are much faster to install than drywall.
      • Sound Privacy: In terms of sound privacy, our demountable walls absorb more sound than drywall.
      • Versatile Installation Options: Movable walls can be set up on a grid or carpet, which speeds up the construction process. Our glass systems come with adjustable deep pockets. We order the glass at the same time as the framework to make sure the installation process is quick and smooth.


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Why You Should Choose Demountable Walls over Drywall

Demountable walls may not be ideal for everyone, so how do you decide if they’re the right choice for you? If your company is uncertain about how you want to operate during this unprecedented time, or if you have a high turnover rate, movable walls give you exceptional flexibility. You can decide to set up individual office spaces today, then take them down in a few months if you choose to go a different direction. Demountable walls are not only extremely versatile, but they are also very affordable when compared to drywall. They’re also 100% reusable, which makes them a very wise investment in terms of longevity.

Why Our Walls Arrive So Fast

Demountable Walls When you choose locally-made movable walls, you save money on shipping costs. Our walls are made right here in Houston, so you don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping costs to get them to your location. ROSI offers the same warranties and guarantees as other major demountable wall companies while saving you 25% over competitor prices.

Because we’re local, you can usually get them quicker than ordering from a company across the state. If time is of the essence, rely on us to produce and ship your order to you as quickly as possible. We can also install your walls so you can rest assured that they’re mounted properly.

While we’re helping to improve your office with movable walls, we would be happy to help you with other needs, such as space planning and design, office relocation services, project management, and liquidation. We regularly help plan and install cubicles, desks, seating, tables, and more. Let us know what your goals are and we will make it happen. Our goal is to improve your office space so it’s functional, attractive, and meets the needs of you and your employees.


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There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world today, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Take control of your office space and increase your ability to meet changing demands by installing demountable walls. We are the preferred provider of demountable walls Houston services, and we would be happy to sit down with you and discuss how our team can improve the layout of your corporate space. If you want to learn more, call us at 713-766-5722. You’re also welcome to contact us through our online form to schedule a consultation or learn answers to any questions you may have.

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