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Engineering Office Furniture

We recognize that the role of an Engineer is varied and believe that their work spaces should reflect that. Engineers need a place to solve problems through focused work while at the same time have access to a space where they can communicate with colleagues and customers, both locally and across the globe. The office design and office furniture utilized must take into consideration the diverse work that crosses an engineer’s desk and incorporate that into the office design strategy.  It must include:

  • Flexible office space that can adjust to shrinking or growing staff.
  • Data cabling to support handheld devices, laptops, phones, desktops and BIM systems that automate design.
  • Assorted desk heights and adjustable-height office desk options to support hand-drawn planning and review processes.
  • Ergonomic office furniture that inhibits fatigue during long hours spent at work.
  • Collaborative meeting spaces that support design and review processes such as white boards, large surface areas with sit or stand options, comfortable seating, sound absorbing materials and device charging stations.
  • Comfortable, functional and inviting reception area that demonstrates your company’s culture, passion and enthusiasm.
  • Superior lighting is needed for detailed work. 

ROSI Office Systems understands the unique office design requirements of Engineering firms. We understand that engineers need a combination of quiet, secluded spaces for detail work and open, communal spaces for collaborative efforts.  Engineers are faced with complex tasks on a daily basis, and they need an office that facilitates their growth and development in order for their ideas to develop and grow into innovative solutions. A fine balance needs to be struck, facilitating both individual and group work areas while also providing space to relax and think.Because engineers interact with people globally, it’s important that collaboration across different offices can occur seamlessly.  Using the right data cabling, BIM systems can automate much of the work of design and engineering and supply critical information to workers on the construction site, regardless of its proximity to the engineering offices. In a moments notice, workers need to share information across project locations and send it back to the home office.

When considering office furnishings, it’s important to choose office furniture that will provide ergonomic, comfortable and long-term support to the staff. Engineers often work long hours and remain at their desks for extended periods of time. Adjustable-height office desks are important so that employees can raise and lower their work surface throughout the workday, as needed. Supportive, adjustable office chairs or leaning stools, footrests, monitor arms and keyboard trays are also ergonomic must-haves.

A flexible office space must also be filled with mobile furniture so that the space can be easily reconfigured when the need arises. Movable office furniture allows you to grow or shrink different functional areas as the dynamics of your company change. Whether you need to scale up or scale down, moveable office furniture makes that shift easier.

Private offices that were once the mainstay of 20th century configurations can transform into communal workspaces with the addition of movable, customizable glass partitions.  And since you never know when an idea may form, placing these writable partitions throughout the office will allow employees to sketch out a plan or take down a quick note, regardless of their location.

Above all, superior lighting is of the utmost importance.  Both the computer and the traditional drafting table are mainstays of many engineering toolboxes and large portions of work occur within both of these environments. The level of fine detail often required makes the correct lighting a must have. Light will affect the office fundamentally. Not only will it improve productivity and creativity but it can also change the mood to arouse a feeling of comfort and inspiration.

ROSI Office Systems works with Engineering firms of all shapes, sizes and disciplines. Our designers have a clear idea of what helps drive a company’s success and believe that an innovative workplace office design is critical to supporting that success. Talk to us and we’ll work with you to design the perfect layout for your office, giving you both a 2D and 3D rendering to show you how we can professionally and efficiently create all the varied spaces engineers need to get the job done well.

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