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Tips for Furnishing Your Office Space

A well-planned and furnished office space is essential for the success of any business. It affects employee productivity, well-being, and your company’s overall image. At ROSI, we understand the importance of a functional, appealing workspace – and how effective office design can contribute to the success of your organization.  This comprehensive guide explores practical tips for planning and furnishing your Read More

Demountable Walls and SoundProofing Ideas for your Office

Office Soundproofing and Demountable Walls

Demountable Walls and SoundProofing Ideas for your Office As open office plans have become more popular, a growing number of businesses are starting to notice the problems that come with these layouts. While the goal is to encourage collaboration, open spaces can create distractions and make it difficult for your employees to focus on their work.  Rosi Office Systems has Read More

Office Moveable Walls Have Flexibility While Saving Money

Change has become a central aspect of the modern workplace as tech companies establish means to evolve and cope with future technology challenges and changing consumer needs. Unfortunately, this is significant but not enough as the world continues to develop post-coronavirus working strategies.  If you want to build a business that withstands waves of change and the Covid-19 pandemic, you Read More

What is Modular Office Furniture?

Modular Office. Dariusz Jarzabek. ROSI

  When it comes to designing modern-day offices, versatility is essential. As the way we work evolves, so does what we need from office furniture – and traditional furniture pieces fall short of newer needs. Instead, employers and designers are looking to modular office furniture to create an easy-to-adapt workspace that can meet the ever-changing demands of today’s work world.  Read More

Office Furniture Solutions That Boost Productivity

office furniture solutions

Office Furniture Solutions That Boost Productivity In the modern office environment, there is a never-ending list of possible distractions: conversations between coworkers, aches and pains from sitting at a desk all day, fatigue and brain fog, and a cluttered office environment where paperwork seems to just disappear. As office experts, we see these issues all the time. Luckily, we rounded Read More

Why Your Office Needs Air Purification

air purification

If you think pollen is a problem outside, did you know that indoor air can be up to 5 times dirtier than the air outdoors? Between Spring allergies and stopping the spread of Covid-19 at the workplace, your office may need an upgrade in ventilation. Portable air purification with HEPA filtration is considered by the CDC to be an excellent Read More

Tips For Making Your Home Office More Productive

home office set up

Tips For Making Your Home Office More Productive Recent studies show that working from home can be more productive than working in the office. If your company has decided to stay virtual for the long haul, you might be considering upgrading your home office furniture to improve the function and style of your space. As office furniture experts, we have Read More

Modern Office Furniture for the Modern Workplace: How To Choose the Right Furniture

Modern Office Furniture

The office needs to be a place of comfort and productivity. Unfortunately, the furniture options that are often chosen don’t always contribute to efficiency and effectiveness. For many business owners, a desk is just a place to work, but for employees, a desk is a significant part of their daily routine and can contribute to or distract them from their Read More

Your Guide To Shared Office Space Furniture

Your Guide To Shared Office Space Furniture The trend towards shared office space at work is surging, with good reason! Research shows that collaborating with coworkers increases productivity and morale. As a result, office furniture manufacturers are making more stylish, functional choices for the shared office workplace. If you have an open office or want to transition to one, it Read More

9 Tips to Optimize Your Office Space Planning

9 Tips to Optimize Your Office Space Planning When it comes to maximizing your office space, planning is key. Taking the time upfront to plan will not only make the process more efficient, but will also ensure your office meets your needs for years to come. Think about it as an investment in your business that deserves the same planning Read More

4 Reasons You Need Move Management for Your Next Office Move

4 Reasons You Need Move Management for Your Next Office Move If you are planning an office move in the near (or distant) future, it would be wise to research professional move management services. Even if your office is small and you think you can tackle it yourself, here are just a few reasons you should leave it to the Read More

7 Key Pieces of Office Furniture Every Office Needs

Office Furniture

7 Key Pieces of Office Furniture Every Office Needs   Are you a new startup looking for the best way to outfit your office for success? Or, an established business looking to make a change in your space? We’ve taken our years of experience as office design experts and compiled a list of the most necessary office furniture. These pieces Read More

Why You Need Move Management

Why You Need Move Management Are you thinking about or planning an office move? Moving your company is a big undertaking, and you’d be wise to consider move management services from a qualified professional. Companies like ROSI make office moves our business, so you can focus on yours. Don’t get bogged down by trying to manage all the details yourself. Read More

Sound Absorbing Panels Or Works Of Art?

Sound Absorbing Panels Or Works Of Art? When it comes to the open office, one of the biggest complaints we hear is that sometimes it can get a little noisy. You must take into consideration noise control when designing any office, but it’s especially key in more open flow work spaces. While open spaces are necessary for good collaboration, it’s Read More

How To Choose The Best Modular Office Furniture Online

How To Choose The Best Modular Office Furniture Online Are you interested in modular office furniture in Houston for your next office project? Whether it’s a new office install or an update from existing furniture, modular pieces are a great choice. They are easily customizable and can be reconfigured in the case of an office change or move. Ultimately this Read More

The Advantages of Contemporary Office Furniture

The Advantages of Contemporary Office Furniture You have an established office, your company is successful, what more could you want? Believe it or not, you can take your business to the next level by making some changes to your office furniture in Houston. In fact, if you upgrade your office with contemporary pieces, you’ll see a host of positive benefits! Read More

Business Flooring Trends

Business Flooring Trends If you’ve been in the traditional workforce for awhile, you’ve probably seen a wide range of office styles and layouts come and go. But what you may not have noticed is how the flooring has also been changing! Business flooring (or commercial flooring) has evolved over the years. It’s become the foundation of good office design – Read More

What Are Architectural Products?

What Are Architectural Products? You may not have heard this term before, but chances are you’ve encountered some architectural products before at an office, or even a restaurant! These types of products include acoustic panels, demountable walls and partitions, and commercial flooring. Basically, architectural products modify the physical office space. They add both visual interest and function, and are critical Read More

How To Stay On Target With A New Office Project

How To Stay On Target With A New Office Project Taking on a new office project is a big job. It requires advanced planning and coordination of a lot of moving parts. Just like an large project at work, someone has to juggle all the details. You must have a good project management strategy in place in order to make Read More

Office Expansion Advice

team meeting discussing office expansion

Office Expansion Advice Are you thinking about expanding your office space? Your company is growing, and that is a good sign! But if your space is feeling a little cramped, it may be time to consider gaining more square footage. Here is your office expansion advice to keep your project moving. Review Your Lease First things first, get your lease Read More

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