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10 Ways To Drink More Water At Work Like It Was Your Job


10 Ways To Drink More Water At Work Like It Was Your Job

10 Ways To Drink More Water At Work Like It Was Your Job

We’ve heard it time and again. Drink more water at work. Of course!  It’s easy and who doesn’t like water? It can help us lose weight, stimulate brain activity, fuel our muscles and lube our joints. It can even stop a headache in its tracks and relieve constipation with a bang.

But how can we drink more water at work each day?

We are so busy and spend most of the day sitting in our office cubicle or in the car traveling to and from work, then the gym and finally home to rest. Water consumption becomes second place in our lives.

According to Water Cure, through regular daily activities, the average person loses approximately 3-4 liters of water a day. This represents the water lost through breathing, urination, sweat and bowel movements alone.

It is so important to stay hydrated. Not only to replenish the water that we lose throughout the day, but staying hydrated will make you a productivity machine in the office.  If you are having trouble keeping up with your water intake, here are 10 easy ways to help you stay hydrated at work:

1. Water Bottle

First, no one wants to take 1000 trips to the water fountain (not to mention, ewww – germs!).  Invest in a nice, giant water bottle that will keep your water cold throughout your workday.

2.  Measure It

Make sure your water bottle has hash marks so you can measure out your 3-4 liters of water a day. That way your goal remains easy to maintain.  You can even use DIY hash marks on your favorite bottle.  Put a goal time next to each measurement so you can stay on track all day long.

3.  Add Flavor

Chugging plain water may feel like torture for some.  If you add a bit of flavor through an infuser with strawberries or lemon – maybe even mint, basil or lavender, it will be much more enjoyable to drink.

4.  Drink Before and After Meals

Make sure to drink a ton before and after your meals.  Water will keep you feeling fuller so you won’t be prone to overeating and will help you digest the meal you just ate.

5.  Get Technical

Today, there are apps you can download to help keep you on track.  There are even high tech water bottles that will send an alert to you phone with reminders to drink up!

6.  Water Cooler

If you don’t already have one, lobby to get a water cooler in the office.  If you have a purified drinking system available to you the more likely you will be to refill your water bottle.

7.  Sit Close To The Break Room

When you get bogged down at work, a long walk to the break room may seem to take too long to get a water refill.  Make sure to sit closer to the kitchen so that your twenty foot walk is doable even on the busiest of days.

8.  Eat Water Rich Foods

A sneaky way to increase the amount of water you consume is to eat your H2O.  Add cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, pineapple, watermelon and strawberries to you daily consumption.  These foods have super high concentrations of water.  You can even try eating spicier foods, which will make you thirstier.

9.  Top Of Mind

Keep your water within sight on top of your office desk. It’ll be the first thing you see when you return to your office cubicle or divert your gaze from the computer screen.

10. Use A Straw

Drink through a straw and keep sipping throughout the day. It’s an easier way to take frequent sips especially for those with tooth sensitivity to cold.

If you’re not good at getting in your daily water consumption, take it slow and increase your water a little bit every day.  Keep an eye on your urine.  Good hydration will show up as a “light lemonade color” in your urine.  Once your body has gotten use to your gift of water – it will reward you with a clearer mind and a leaner body.  Both of these perks of water will help you become a productivity machine at work!  So, drink up!

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