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9 Easy Office Cubicle Decorating Tips for Autumn


9 Easy Office Cubicle Decorating Tips for Autumn

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9 Easy Office Cubicle Decorating Tips for Autumn

Autumn is a season of warmth and reflection. You can bring that autumn feeling to your coworkers and clients with a few simple changes to your office cubicle decor.  In fact, studies have shown that when employees decorate their office cubicles it increases productivity, socialization and networking.  

So jump right in and get your office cubicle in a fall-festive mood.  It can benefit you and your company!

Here are 9 easy office cubicle decorating tips to turn up the warmth in your workspace.   


Get a large basket of squash and miniature pumpkins and place them in the corner of your office cubicle or on your office desk

Scented Candles

Find flameless spiced scented candles reminiscent of apple, cinnamon and pumpkin. Just make sure they aren’t too potent.  You wouldn’t want to offend your cubicle neighbor with overpowering scents

Colored Leaves

Grab a few colored leaves from the dollar store and arrange those around a mirror attached to your office cubicle wall.  Or along your white board for a festive pop of color. 

Color Coordinate

Try orange, dark green and red post-it notes and paper clips.  Even consider buying a red stapler or use autumn colored pens and paper. 


Swap out photos of friends and relatives with fall-themed shots.  If you don’t have any pictures featuring your sweater wearing brood, switch to a festive frame that will give your office cubicle a bit more warmth.


Put out a small dish of autumn colored M&Ms. That way when people drop by to discuss work, they can take a treat back with them. 


Hang an autumn wreath of your office cubicle wall.  You can find festive wreaths in many different stores or make a burlap beauty of your own. 


Change out your boring coffee mug and coaster to ones that are more autumnal.    


Change your computer’s desktop background.  Find pictures of autumn foliage in full bloom to make your cubicle fall-friendly without taking up desk or wall space. 

Your office cubicle may not be the corner office but it can still be a place you can call your own. Decorating it can increase work satisfaction and productivity, just by taking a few trips to Michaels for a bit of color. Have fun with it. Happy fall!

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