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Are You An Inspirational Leader?


Are You An Inspirational Leader?

Are You An Inspirational Leader?

A friend of mine and I were on the soccer sidelines one day talking about what kind of personality makes someone a good coach. We agreed that a person who is inspirational, above all else, is the one that gets the most results from his/her team. Then, as I was thinking about work, couldn’t that same philosophy be said about any leader? If you think back on the bosses that you’ve had, whom do you remember? I remember fondly the ones that encouraged and believed in me. I felt like I was part of the success of the business, that I made a difference!

Employers take note: Employees want to feel valued and they need to feel inspired!

When employees see that their boss walks the talk, stands up for them, and has a clear vision, they are motivated to follow. And when they see a leader who believes that his/her job is to serve (rather than being served) they are all the more motivated”.

Pulse Check. Are YOU an inspirational leader?

  1. Do you feel passionately about the vision and mission of your organization? You should be able to share that passion in a way that makes others feel passionate, too.
  2. Do you understand the mission of your business and are able to communicate the “big picture” regularly to your employees? This will to help reinforce the reason your organization exists.
  3. Do you actively listen to people in the organization? Allow the ideas and thoughts of your staff to help form the goals and actions of your company. People need to see their ideas incorporated or to understand why they were not. Including others helps them feel intimately connected to the goals of the business.
  4. Are you trustworthy? Employees look up to a person who tells the truth, tries to do the right things, lives a “good” life and does their best.
  5. Do you reward others publicly? A leader understands, that while money is a motivator, so are praise, recognition, rewards and taking notice of an individual’s contribution.

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