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Corporate Office of the Future is Very Green


Corporate Office of the Future is Very Green

Corporate Office of the Future is Very Green

Two innovative designers received top honors by incorporating a high tech greenhouse within the corporate office. Their futuristic design could become reality and the grass would definitely be greener at this corporate office of 2025.

In a recent blog, we discussed different ways to address employees’ number one complaint, sound privacy. It seems that within an open office or cubicle setting, hearing your neighbor’s every word or worse is a common nuisance that affects productivity. Plants were recommended due to their ability to absorb sound. But, in this high-tech, ultra-healthy look into the future, Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson incorporate plants in even more diverse ways creating an interactive and inviting oasis within the corporate office complete with sky gardens and moveable walls.

See this award-winning design for yourself and learn how you could one day pick your own greens on your way to the cafe or simply shift corporate office space if a different work environment is required.  Customizing work areas, meeting rooms and even common areas would be done easily using shifting panels and partitions within the ceilings.

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