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Employees Take A Stand To Stand Up At Work


Employees Take A Stand To Stand Up At Work

Employees Take A Stand To Stand Up At Work

Workers are finding a way to stand up at work more, even without their employer’s help. As more and more studies find that sitting is literally shaving years off our lives, employees are still finding resistance when asked to have a standing alternative at their jobs. Meet one employee that found his own solution that caught on. Eventually, the company relented, thanks in part, to one employee who knew he needed to stand up. READ MORE HERE >>>

Are you tired of sitting all day? Will you try this solution or is your employer receptive to the idea? Here are some do-it-yourself options from

If you want to find out more about the benefits and options of standing desks at the office, contact us. ROSI knows how to workfit at the office and offers a variety of sit-to-stand and even treadmill desk solutions.

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