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Five Office Cubicle Gadgets To Give This Holiday Season


Five Office Cubicle Gadgets To Give This Holiday Season

Five Office Cubicle Gadgets To Give This Holiday Season

Because of my penchant for the nerdy, I refer to my cubicle as my “Geek-O-Sphere”. In which, lies a realm of remarkable (to me) gadgets and toys to entertain, inspire and enjoy. From my Firefly Jayne Dress-Up Magnet, to the Dr. Who Tardis Talking Bank, my cubicle truly lives up to the name. But, whatever you deem your cubicle tchotchke, one thing is certain. It’s always a nice, brief escape when you glance upon an item and it takes you to your happy place. Some may even argue it is therapeutic and promotes creativity. So, this holiday season, why not give a gift they can take with them to work that may inspire?

Here are five office cubicle gadgets or toys to brighten your cubicle-dweller’s day:

1. Cubicle gadget for the engineer: Apollo Lunar Lander

Give them the workhorse of moon landings! In just three years six Apollo Lunar Landers made it to the moon. SIX! This tiny replica is easily assembled with no glue necessary, and a constant reminder of old school engineering ingenuity. Now that is inspiring!

2. Cubicle gadget for the marketer or artsy type:

You know the one. They’re into the whole pre-post-modern hipster craft movement (is that a thing?). Interestingly, those that drive trends enjoy seeking out the unique, and Society 6 contributor, Mentalembellisher delivers. From coffee mugs to wall clocks, your artsy, marketing gift recipient will feel the whimsical, kitschy love this holiday season.

3. Sales or Telemarketing

In order to keep their brain sharp and focused, the “Build On Brick Mug” provides coffee and thoughtful engagement, at the same time. This coffee mug is compatible with the majority of popular building bricks such as Lego, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, and more. It allows them to bring some building bricks from home and attach creatively and thoughtfully to create a one-of-a-kind coffee mug. Once they’re bored with that design, it’s easily switched up with different bricks.

4. Customer Service

They take a verbal beating and can feel like a punching bag at times. Well now they can punch right back with their very own desktop stress buster punching ball. One punch and they’ll feel their mood lighten before the next call prompt!

5. Techie

The techie is a tricky sort. Their tastes run the gambit from Star Wars to Game of Thrones, however, there is one thing they can and will agree upon. Cubicle warfare is a great way to break up the monotony of their day. Enter the USB Rocket Launcher for unsurpassed cubicle defense weaponry. With this cubicle defense system, you’ll know your techie loved ones will be safe and secure at the office.

Don’t forget that not everyone fits into a category. If you know an artsy and creative customer service or techie type, then by all means, get them what you think they’ll enjoy! We’ve certainly enjoyed finding and playing with all these fun office cubicle gadgets and hope your loved ones will too.

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