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Instagram Office Dogs & Office Cats


Instagram Office Dogs & Office Cats

Instagram Office Dogs & Office Cats

It’s Monday so we need to start the day off slowly and ease into it. How about after a cup of coffee and these cute office dogs and office cats from Instgram? We justify taking a minute (or two) of oohing and awwwing over these fuzzy pups and felines because ROSI Office Systems is ‘everything office’ and everything should definitely include a furry office assistant. Don’t you agree?

Officedogs and Officecats on Instgram

Instagrammer, @paulalexanderclark wins the internet and takes home the ‘Best Dog Dad’ honors this Monday morning. Not only is he a rescuer, but also has mastered the work-around technique. Way to go, Paul!

Officedogs and Officecats of Instagram

 The @skylakeah office cat looks serious about paperwork, or maybe getting breakfast. If you’re in Miami, head on over to Sky Lake Animal Hospital and say ‘hello’ to this 15-year old stunner, Tanto.

Officedogs and Officecats of InstagramWith a name like @BowWowTimes, this Instagrammer should definitely have an #officedog or twenty. This is Peanut who seems to be running the show.

Officedogs and Officecats of Instagram

 This is Instagrammer @Elizabethseck’s cat Clyde. I’m not sure but I don’t think he cares much for Mondays. Hang in there Clyde. It will be over soon. Maybe some catnip is in order…STAT?

officedogs and officecats of instagramThis is #officedog MangoChris’ Aussie mix, Callie and her magnificent belly. Whatever MangoChris and Callie are selling, I’m buying. Who can resist a belly that needs rubbing?

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