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Is It Possible To Run A Frugal and Happy Company?


Is It Possible To Run A Frugal and Happy Company?

Is It Possible To Run A Frugal and Happy Company?

How do they do it?

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek has done it in the ultra competitive and difficult world of retail. One reason Craig Jelinek has created a happy company is Costco’s average pay, according to a recent Bloomberg Business report is $20.89. Their no-frills approach is not only reflected in the floor-to-ceiling, concrete stores, but also in their corporate office. They have a constitutional thrift that pays forward to employee pockets and their effective communications of such to the masses makes them all the more lovable and bankable.

Gary Kelly continues to do it with flare running Southwest Airlines. With nary a layoff in the airline’s 40 plus year history, Southwest is the nation’s largest airline. Southwest Airlines became so doing pretty much the same thing Costco is doing, however, in a recent article on, the CEO admits (paraphrasing) that competition is quickly catching and SWA is mindful.

Both companies are incredible examples of how austerity does not need to affect customer value or service. What do you think, will Southwest Airlines stay ahead of the curve? Will Costco?

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