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Office Trend Future Predictions


Office Trend Future Predictions

Office Trend Future Predictions

These office trend predictions are nothing new, however, they will accelerate rapidly and create opportunities and losses. Some good and some bad.

Office furniture will continue to become “de-cubed” with the expansion of the popular open-office concept with cluster work stations and bench desk systems. Work culture will become even more important as companies do their best to attract and retain the best talent and artificial intelligence will take over much of the grunt work which will affect those humans doing it now. READ ABOUT IT HERE

What do you think? Could your job be affected by AI? Are you ready to be free of the cubicle farm? Does your company need a ‘Chief Work Officer’?


Office Furniture Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator  

Are you looking for a cost estimate for a new office build out or are you just trying to get a price to add a few new workstations to your existing space, our new office furniture budget calculator can help!

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