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Open Space Is Okay, But Give Employees Options


Open Space Is Okay, But Give Employees Options

Open Space Is Okay, But Give Employees Options

Remember the days when technology dictated the layout of office space and office furniture? Telephone wiring, data cabling and more tethered employees to one space and one space only. Office furniture in Houston needed to be designed to hold all the wiring and keep it out of the employee’s work space. However, today’s wi-fi has unleashed so many office space options. Herman Miller’s latest blog, A Well-Balanced Feel, talks about all these options and how office space and office furniture should provide a balance of open office space and private office space. It seems employers and employees were so anxious to move away from the traditional office cubicle, they may have moved too far to the other side and left no space that provides needed quiet.

What do you think?  Is your office space too open? Has it affected your work?

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