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ROSI Office Systems March 19 Newsletter


ROSI Office Systems March 19 Newsletter

ROSI Office Systems March 19 Newsletter

Inside the March 19th ROSI Office Systems newsletter you will find: What will the future hold for office space? From the minds of two designers comes a mind-blowing look at an office space you may not ever want to leave. Next, we look at a word that is making the rounds, “collaborate”. Four quick tips will give you an edge up on building a productive team that works together. Spoiler Alert: Building the right team for the job is critical. Is your 2015 office furniture budget already out of control? Get some budget help now before it’s too late. FIND OUT MORE >>>

Office Furniture Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator  

Are you looking for a cost estimate for a new office build out or are you just trying to get a price to add a few new workstations to your existing space, our new office furniture budget calculator can help!

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