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Is Your Office Culture Too Chatty?


Is Your Office Culture Too Chatty?

Is Your Office Culture Too Chatty?

Are you and your coworkers obsessed with chat room technology? How do you know if your office culture is becoming too chatty?

Messaging apps are hugely popular among companies that place a high priority on good communication. However, it’s easy to misuse this technology and damage your productivity. It could even jeopardize your relationships with your coworkers. How can you make the most of messaging tools without crossing over into the dark side?

Keep It Professional

While it may be tempting to use these apps for private conversations unrelated to work, it’s best to refrain from “water cooler” talk and gossip. Remember that not everything that seems private actually is. Once it’s on the internet, in the cloud, it’s there for posterity. Badmouthing a coworker or management through messaging is a sure fire way to damage relationships. Use messaging apps professional use only, and you’ll stay out of any potentially sticky situations.

Time Management

It may seem like it’s quicker to send an instant message than compose an email, but what if that conversation turns into a 30 minute back-and-forth conversation? Pretty soon you’ve wasted more time than if you picked up the phone or sent an email. Sending an email and waiting for a response allows to you multitask, but a constant stream of one-liners requires your full attention. Plus, it’s easier to get sidetracked by non-work related conversation. Most companies aren’t policing the amount of time you spend on message apps, but you should take it upon yourself to keep it to a minimum. If your productivity suffers, or you find yourself suddenly having to work after hours – check your chatting habits.

Just like any tool, messaging apps have pros and cons. Be sure to follow these simple guidelines when using them so that you can maximize your time at work. If you need a chat, take a quick coffee break with a coworker instead of pinging them all day with messages. You’ll stay on track and make the most of your day.


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