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Here’s How You Celebrate Halloween At Work The Easy Way


Here’s How You Celebrate Halloween At Work The Easy Way

Here’s How You Celebrate Halloween At Work The Easy Way

Every year many workplaces celebrate Halloween by creating a fun environment for their employees. This year, Halloween falls on a MONDAY. Yuck! Why not take advantage of it by giving employees a reason to love Monday? Celebrate the holiday with some fun, easy office ideas that will motivate even the scariest employee.

If Halloween isn’t your thing, try to suck it up and play along. (If your employees have religious objections to Halloween, of course they do not have to take part. And legally, you cannot require them to).

There are tons of activities associated with Halloween so you can schedule as few (or as many) events that the workday will allow. Check out these simple ideas on how to celebrate Halloween at work. They are easy activities to motivate employees and ultimately improve employee engagement.

Desk Decoration Contest

Offer prizes for the most festively decorated work area. Decorate your office cubicle with fake cobwebs, plastic spiders, pumpkins, balloons or other Halloween decor. You can find them at your local party story or online like these ideas from Brit & Co.

Costume Contest

If your employees are willing, let them come to work dressed in a costume. Stress that it must be workplace appropriate like these ideas from Mashable.  In addition, give specific costume guidelines so you don’t run into any problems. Letting your employees impress you with an outrageous nod to The Walking Dead or their Doctor Who-inspired dress for one day out of the year shows that you care about their interests.

Provide Yummy Treats

Having a Halloween-themed breakfast or lunch for everyone can be a great way to create an atmosphere of fun and harmony in the workplace. Some great Halloween-themed treats might be cider, doughnuts, pumpkin bread, pumpkin coffee, and apple strudel. Encourage everyone to take a break so they can spend some time in conversation with co-workers and enjoy it.

Easy Halloween Games

Party games don’t just have to be for kids, and they don’t have to involve bobbing for apples or sticking your hand into a bowl of spaghetti and grapes. No thanks! Choose to play basic games like guessing how many candy corn pieces are in a jar or playing Halloween movie and TV trivia. Select quick and easy games that can be played throughout the day. That way employees can participate and it wont interfere too much with their daily tasks.

Allow For An Early Dismissal

Let employees leave an hour early on Halloween so they can be home in time to take their little ones trick-or-treating, or attend a neighborhood Halloween celebration.

Employees will appreciate having a little fun on Halloween. Having a bit of a break before delving into the last two months of the year can do wonders for end-of-the-year productivity. Don’t forget to maximize team building across departments to increase engagement opportunities. Be sure all levels of management gets in on the Halloween fun, too!

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