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Personalize Your Desk With These Office Crafts


Personalize Your Desk With These Office Crafts

Personalize Your Desk With These Office Crafts

Research shows that being able to personalize your desk at work has psychological benefits. Put your own touch on the space than with some office crafts! Adding these items can even offset some of the negative aspects of an open office, like lack of privacy.

Fake Some Greenery

If you struggle with a green thumb but love the idea of having a desk plant, this craft is for you! Try this painted cactus rock garden to brighten up your desk. You’ll get the same cheery feeling from looking at your “greenery,” but without having to water it!

Custom Mouse Pad

This DIY mouse pad is a perfect way to personalize your space. You can choose any fabric you like to match your decor, or make one for every season!

Find Your Zen

Keep calm during a stressful day with your own mini zen garden! You choose the objects to include, and rearrange them whenever you want a few minutes to zone out.

Stay On Track

It’s easy to lose focus during the workday, which is why making to-do lists is highly effective for increasing productivity. That doesn’t mean your notepad has to be boring! Try this DIY dry erase version. It will be easy to stack on track with your framed list displayed prominently on your desk.

Creating a space that’s uniquely you at work helps to reduce emotional stress, and these projects are simple ways to express yourself! You’ll actually feel more engaged in the workplace. Plus, all your coworkers will admire your desk and want to know how you made your project! Office crafts are a great way to make connections and improve your work satisfaction.

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